Lessons From Criteo’s (CRTO) IPO

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Criteo’s IPO yesterday was another notch in the adtech belt, following up the IPOs of Rocket Fuel, Tremor, YuMe, and many others. We continue to see value to the CMO suite and have backed a fair amount of companies in the space including Vungle, Open X, Solve Media and appssavvy – we continue to see… Read more »

The Fraud Opportunity: B2B Purchasing Online Demands Innovation in Detection and Prevention

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Fraud cost online retailers an estimated $3.5b last year and will likely continue to grow as more eCommerce businesses open, driving up the number of vulnerable transactions. Most business owners view fraud as an unavoidable cost that needs be minimized independent of revenue generation. Yet, this belief ignores the non-monetary costs that fraud imposes on… Read more »

Watson & The Impending HCM Revolution

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In thinking about the HR software ecosystem, I like “Human Capital Management” over the more traditional “Human Resources Management.” I think HCM may have originated from an attempt to find a more delicate buzzword for workforce oversight. The word “capital” speaks quite well to how employees should be viewed within an organization. While one typically… Read more »

The GRC Opportunity: Finance Innovation

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Andrew Haldane, Executive Director of Financial Stability at the Bank of England, in a speech to The US Fed at their Economic Policy Symposium sums up the state of affairs in banking infrastructure, “Today, UK banks are required to fill in more than 7,500 separate cells of data – a fifty-fold rise. Forthcoming European legislation… Read more »

Wearable Tech in the Enterprise: Early Opportunity

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Wearable technology

Wearable technology, long ridiculed as the domain of overeager early adopters, finally appears to be on the cusp of widespread adoption. Diane von Furstenberg famously included Google Glass in her show at last year’s New York Fashion Week, and in the past twelve months there has been an explosion of “smartwatches” from startups as well… Read more »

Enterprise Startups: Seek Reliability and Bank on It

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Last month, cloud storage provider, Nirvanix, announced that the company had “gone to the wall” on its financing and would no longer be able to continue operations. Customers were advised that new replication would cease and they had until the end of the month to transfer data off of Nirvanix servers before the service was… Read more »


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“As for protecting one’s private data, the industry tools don’t even exist yet” The velocity of growth in the mobile ecosystem has been enormous over the past few years. Driven by Generation Touch we have a whole new ecosystem with various tools and services that power it. Data of all types continue to flow in… Read more »