The Rise of the Chief Data Officer

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Chief Data Officer

The importance of data management and business intelligence has allowed a new C-level position to emerge – the Chief Data Officer (CDO). According to research published by Gartner, 17% of large enterprises will have a CDO by the end of 2014. While this position might be currently in conflict with the Chief Information Officer (CIO)… Read more »

Welcome Eric Vreeland

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I first met Eric Vreeland in 2010 when he was a student at Princeton University.  He was writing his senior thesis on syndication in the venture capital business and what effect it had on investment opportunities and deal flow.  I was struck by the topic and agreed to chat with him as I saw it… Read more »

Sales Role Playing in VC Pitches

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At Bowery we focus a lot on an investment’s ability to generate early sales and customer wins.  We are so maniacal about it we singularly focus on helping our portfolio post-investment in this regard.  Everything from systems to help entrepreneurs with prospecting, deal pipelines and customer introductions to blueprints for product pitches, customer case studies,… Read more »

Tricks of the Trade Venture Partner Series: Internal Communication – You Need a Strategy

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Often times organizations get so caught up in the day-to-day work and planning that they forget to communicate internally about what is going on. Communication, although easily overlooked, is an integral piece of a company’s success. Communication from upper management and across teams opens up a more collaborative work environment and motivates employees. There are… Read more »

What is DeepMind & Why Did Google Just Buy it For $400m?

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Re/code broke the story yesterday that Google is acquiring “secretive artificial intelligence company” DeepMind for an estimated $400m. As reported in the article, the company revealed little else aside from that it is “building learning algorithms for simulations, eCommerce and games.” Clearly, given that the verticals here seem more like suggested applications than an M.O., DeepMind’s… Read more »

Lessons From a Leader: Act-On and Marketing Automation

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Over the past few years technology has transformed the way businesses and customers engage with each other. The landscape has grown increasingly complex as new platforms and avenues for communication continue to open up. As businesses shift towards cloud computing and implementing ‘big data’ tools, the infrastructure is now in place for companies to collect… Read more »

Predictive Computing is the Future of Mobile

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Predictive Computing

Yahoo’s acquisition of Aviate should come as no surprise for anyone who is familiar with the mobile space. In order for Yahoo to compete with companies like Google for advertising money, Yahoo has to invest and solve their problems with mobile marketing. As we previously mentioned, the difficulty in tracking performance and the smaller screen… Read more »

Tricks of the Trade Venture Partner Series: Turning Ideas into Releases – Ideas -> Roadmap -> ARDs -> Sprints

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No one does true agile development today, but there are closely-related ways to approach how to turn ideas into actual releases. First, if you’re not compiling new ideas then you’re in a pickle when it comes to product evolution and the growth of your business. But what are the best ways to source and organize…

When Things Start To Think

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In what was probably the last deal of the year in enterprise software land, on Dec 30th PTC bought ThingWorx for roughly $122m.  For those informed about the B2B side of the Internet of Things (IoT) space, the 5 year old company had been a pretty strong emerging player in the category that every analyst… Read more »