Finding Zen As An Engineer

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In the last presentation at today’s CTO Summit, Gagan Saksena, CTO of Martini Media, spoke about stress and technology. He described the causes of stress and named 4 things you can do to lead a happier and less stressful life.  Take time to detach yourself from your work. There is an optimal amount of detachment… Read more »

Managing Hyper-Growth: A Good Problem to Have

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This morning,  Adam Sah, Founder & CEO of Buyer’s Best Friend, Sean Knapp, EVP & Chief Product Officer of Ooyala, and Wayne Chan, VP of Engineering at Vungle joined Mike on stage for a Fireside Chat titled “Managing Growth: Infrastructure & People”. There were a number of great takeaways for any heads of engineering trying… Read more »

Top 5 CTO Tips: Hiring & Retaining Engineers & PMs

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I’m here at the Bowery Capital CTO Summit 2014, which we’re hosting at Bloomberg SF. We’ve got a great crowd assembled and a laundry list of tech & product leads from companies like Google, Twitter, Sailthru, Flurry & Ooyala to take us through a day of tactical chats and panels. We just kicked off with… Read more »

Charlatans & Noblemen In Software Sales

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In helping our portfolio companies access new customers and potential revenue opportunities we have seen a lot of excitement from new technology buyers.  At first this seems incredible, our companies get excited and then ultimately the lead doesn’t convert.  Big company CEOs today know they need to be smarter about technology and this cascades down… Read more »

5 Key Takeaways From SAP’s Investor Day

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    SAP did their investor symposium in NYC yesterday.  For startups that don’t read much about what the big guys are up to these days you should. Although generally lagging indicators, the presentations are good to paint a high level view of what is happening in the market.  There is also the fact that… Read more »


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    2012 could have been described as the year of marketing automation. We saw the rise and spectacular exit of several prominent SaaS marketing management platforms, including Vitrue, Wildfire, Buddy Media and Eloqua, amongst others. Reflecting on several billion in marketing tech exits that year alone, we derived a few clear themes: (1) Emerging channels… Read more »