Where Are Today’s CXOs In The Tech Cycle?

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Next Gen Enterprise Swapping Cycle

Enormous changes are afoot in the C-suite at companies at every level of scale and growth. We built Bowery Capital on the thesis that roughly $357 billion would change hands over the next ten years through the swapping out of old technology for new. This perspective comes from years of seeing Internet natives becoming IT decision-makers, a… Read more »

Moore’s Law Repealed?

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Gordon Moore

Since about 1980 we’ve gotten used to a ridiculous pace of technological innovation. At least as concerns processing power, it’s likely we just can’t keep up this pace of advance without a near-reinvention of the modern CPU. Chew on this: between then and 2005, the speed of available PC processors increased roughly 1000x. Just compare… Read more »

Back To The Future: The Rise Of Push Analytics

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Back To The Future

    The term “predictive analytics” is grossly overused in the startup world these days. I’d say about 20% of the pitch decks I see reference some sort of predictive or machine-learning feature. Often it’s used in an aspirational way (e.g. on the product roadmap 3 years out) or really just kind of thrown in… Read more »

Datanyze Study: Marketing Automation Market Share

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Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 9.23.58 AM

For those that follow the marketing automation space, Datanyze is recently out with one of the best in depth research reports to date showcasing the Marketing Automation Market Share of all of the vendors in the space. Venturebeat calls them the “Google of sales and marketing” and the company continually scans over 11 million of the world’s most-trafficked… Read more »


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As many readers know, Bowery Capital’s thesis focuses on the notion that internet natives will drive over $350B+ of IT spend shifts by 2020. We focus our thesis a lot around the next generation of CMO, CTO and CIO tools but as most people know there are countless other decision-makers that are beginning to emerge… Read more »