Rise Of The Digital Marketing Suite – The End!

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Over the past three months, we’ve published a ton around the future of the CMO and what we call the “Rise Of The Digital Marketing Suite.”  The market continues to heat up around this segment and spend category and roughly 50% of our thesis is focused around the future of marketing IT and where marketing spend… Read more »

3 Big Issues In HCM: 2014

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  Below, compiled from some recent reactions to industry developments, and colored with some excellent ideas from founders I’ve met in the space, are three issues in enterprise HR that I believe can and will be solved through HCM software in the near term. If you have any reactions to the below as you experience… Read more »

Don’t Always Be Closing: BDRs & Sales Role Specialization

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  BDRs, or Business Development Reps, are critical members of most modern B2B sales teams. Specific titles, processes and funnels vary by company, but in general it’s the BDR’s job to work with leads to get meetings. They start with the very top of the funnel: Marketing Captured / Qualified Leads (MCL / MQLs), those who come into… Read more »