BC Startup Sales Podcast – First Steps To Sales Ops Success with Emmanuelle Skala (Influitive)

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Sales Operations

If you haven’t already, head over to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast to get all our new content each week! Emmanuelle Skala from Influitive joined us in the Bowery Capital studio this week to walk us through her take on the “First Steps To Sales Ops Success” that every early-stage founder should know. Especially for SaaS companies with a driven-driven sales model, Sales Ops… Read more »

Offline Attribution And 4 Tips To Better Measure It

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offline attribution

Being able to track offline purchases and offline attribution is imperative to any traditional retailer. In 2014, U.S. retail sales amounted to $4.6 trillion. Of that, only 6.5%, or roughly $300 billion, came from e-commerce. This gap suggests that offline retailers are still struggling to find solutions that can efficiently and accurately link online media… Read more »

5 Key Elements Of An Effective Sales SLA

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sales SLA

Sales SLAs (or Service-Level Agreements) are critical documents for establishing process alignment amongst your sales team, and other stakeholders with responsibilities related to sales (e.g. marketing and customer success). Without a proper sales SLA, it’s easy for your sales development team (SDRs) and your Sales Executives to make mistakes around account hand-off. Eventually, your startup’s sales culture… Read more »

5 Opportunities In Sales Enablement

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Sales Enablement

Sales enablement tools and the startups building them have taken on a new level of importance over the last few years as sales teams have become increasingly quantified and metrics-driven. While larger players like SalesForce (SalesCloud) and InsideSales.com have built successful sales enablement businesses taking a platform or suite-oriented approach, most new startups by volume have emerged as point solutions…. Read more »

3 Tips for Motivating Your Sales Team

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motivating your sales team

Scaling a sales team is a difficult task that founders have to face from day one. We had Stu Wall in the studio this week to chat about the topic of motivating your sales team as it grows and matures. Stu is the CEO of Signpost, a local business marketing solution that currently has over 100… Read more »

4 Reasons Enterprise Analytics Will Define 2015

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Enterprise M&A

In 2015, Enterprise Analytics will not only attract more corporate spend, but also serve as a major driver of high-growth technology M&A going forward. Enterprise Analytics solutions are finally proving out their long-touted promise of eliminating waste and improving business performance in large organizations by crunching data and delivering actionable to-do’s in a way (or at a speed)… Read more »

4 Ways Mixpanel Is Beating Legacy Software Vendors

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beating legacy software vendors

Beating legacy software vendors is a serious challenge that many SaaS founders face early in the life of their company and so we had Zack Kass in to the studio this week to chat about the topic. Zack is currently the Director of Enterprise Sales at Mixpanel and knows a thing or two about beating legacy… Read more »