3 Tips for Effectively Hiring Sales Engineers

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Last week, Mike Brown Jr. sat down with Laura Menicucci of Cloudera to talk about hiring sales engineers for growth startups. Laura is the first VP of Sales Engineering at Cloudera. During her career, she has built teams of 100+ sales engineers multiple times. Her experience with hiring sales engineers gives valuable insight into the… Read more »

The Three Rooms of Successful SaaS Web Design

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This past week, Mike Brown Jr. sat down with Tien Tzuo to talk about good messaging and marketing as it is applied to SaaS web design. Tzuo is the CEO of Zuora, a powerhouse in the subscription experience space. Prior to Zuora, he was an early employee and the first Chief Marketing Officer of Salesforce…. Read more »

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Sales Script

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Selling a new product is hard – a lot of times, you’ll do anything in your power to close the deal. This is great at a small, scrappy startup where there is maybe one salesperson selling along with the CEO. As your company prepares to scale, it is very important to lock down your sales… Read more »

How To Build A Customer Profile Template

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Customer Profile Template

Building an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is a valuable exercise for any early-stage startup. As a startup founder, you should kick off the exercise by developing a Customer Profile template that suits your needs. Once you build out your Customer Profile template with data from existing customers, you can use it to find new prospects. The process will not… Read more »

4 Ways Fortune 500 CMOs Leverage Inbound Marketing

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This post originally appeared on VentureBeat. At Bowery Capital, we meet almost daily with the next generation of marketing and technology executives working in the Fortune 500. We care a lot about hearing their problems and needs, and try and help as much as we can as it relates to conveying our understanding of where technology… Read more »

Building A Sales Operations Framework

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Sales Operations

Sales Operations is a role tasked with measuring and understanding the performance of a company’s sales team. Last week, Emmanuelle Skala (head of sales at Influitive) explained in an episode of the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast that Sales Ops should have 2 core aims: (1) Effectiveness (how can salespeople be as impactful as possible on a… Read more »