BC Startup Sales Podcast – Why The Predictable Revenue Sales Model Is Overrated with Loren Padelford (Shopify)

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If you haven’t already, head over to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast to get all our new content each week! Nearly five years ago, Aaron Ross changed the world of software sales with his bestseller Predictable Revenue. He articulated a sales model that his team used to add $100M+ in revenue at Salesforce. As I’m sure most of our… Read more »

4 Tips On Building Your Developer Community From Scratch

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Growing A Developer Community

You’ve probably heard of MongoDB these days, but there was a time not to long ago when they were just trying to get developers to know who they were. Meghan Gill joined MongoDB over 6 years ago as employee #8 with a mission to grow MongoDB’s developer community. Since then she’s played a part in… Read more »