4 Reasons Enterprise Analytics Will Define 2015

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Enterprise M&A

In 2015, Enterprise Analytics will not only attract more corporate spend, but also serve as a major driver of high-growth technology M&A going forward. Enterprise Analytics solutions are finally proving out their long-touted promise of eliminating waste and improving business performance in large organizations by crunching data and delivering actionable to-do’s in a way (or at a speed)… Read more »

Big Data Wildcatting

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From its debut in the late 1980’s, the term “Big Data”—like its lexical cousins Big Oil, Big Tobacco and Big Pharma—was engineered to intimidate. Steve Lohr of the New York Times wrote  a wonderful account  of its origin as a phrase just last year. One originator was author  Erik Larson —of Devil in the White… Read more »

Back To The Future: The Rise Of Push Analytics

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Back To The Future

    The term “predictive analytics” is grossly overused in the startup world these days. I’d say about 20% of the pitch decks I see reference some sort of predictive or machine-learning feature. Often it’s used in an aspirational way (e.g. on the product roadmap 3 years out) or really just kind of thrown in… Read more »

The Rise of the Chief Data Officer

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Chief Data Officer

The importance of data management and business intelligence has allowed a new C-level position to emerge – the Chief Data Officer (CDO). According to research published by Gartner, 17% of large enterprises will have a CDO by the end of 2014. While this position might be currently in conflict with the Chief Information Officer (CIO)… Read more »

From Salesforce to Zuora: 5 Lessons For The Data-Driven CMO

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CMO Summit

Tien Tzuo, CEO of Zuora and former CMO of Salesforce spoke this morning at Bowery Capital’s CMO Summit. He distilled five actionable takeaways for attendees from his experience in marketing enterprise software: Telling the Story Tzuo advocates telling an authentic story yourself. He likens this process to a gallery with three rooms: the high-level market, the direct value proposition and the product… Read more »

Business Intelligence Analytics Opens Up a World of Big Data

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Business Intelligence (BI) is not a new concept to the enterprise world, it has long held a core position in the integration and operation of businesses of reasonable complexity. Advances in BI technology over the past two decades have enabled two significant trends in the enterprise environment: systems integration and information management. Systems integration includes… Read more »

BC Startup Sales Podcast – Humanizing Data: Full Transcript.

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Cezary Pietrzak

This is a transcript of the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast – BC Startup Sales Podcast – Humanizing Data with Cezary Pietrzak (Cezary & Co) Episode 5 of the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast. MB:                Hey there! Welcome back to studio. We are here with Cezary Peitrzak, a good… Read more »