5 Ways To Make Event Marketing A Measurable Channel

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DoubleDutch - Making Event Marketing A Measurable Channel

Last week, Lawrence Coburn, CEO of DoubleDutch, joined us in the Bowery Capital studio this week to discuss “Data-Driven Event Management: The MQL Motherlode.” DoubleDutch is a SaaS platform for live engagement and event marketing, empowering users to manage events of all types and collect and analyze critical data that teams can use to drive marketing and sales…. Read more »

4 Ways Fortune 500 CMOs Leverage Inbound Marketing

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inbound marketing

This post originally appeared on VentureBeat. At Bowery Capital, we meet almost daily with the next generation of marketing and technology executives working in the Fortune 500. We care a lot about hearing their problems and needs, and try and help as much as we can as it relates to conveying our understanding of where technology… Read more »

Rise Of The Digital Marketing Suite – Key Product Updates

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As a refresher to our Q2 2014 digital marketing series titled ‘Rise of the Digital Marketing Suite’, we talked recently in a previous post about the overall market updates and laid out the key M&A events, IPOs, S-1 filings, and late stage financings. In this post, we provide below some updates about the digital marketing products of… Read more »

Rise Of The Digital Marketing Suite – Market Update

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In Q2 2014 Bowery Capital came up with a series of articles on the ‘Rise of the Digital Marketing Suite’. We divided the digital marketing sector into six key categories, created the market landscape and conducted deep-dives on big players as well as independent companies. To serve as a refresher, we provide below an update… Read more »

That Crazy Hard First Marketing Hire

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marketing hire

Given our focus on helping with sales and marketing related challenges in our portfolio, we’ve been involved in about a dozen hiring processes over the past year that involved hiring that crazy hard first marketing hire – a growth hacker or a growth marketer. Most normal people know this as a marketing manager or a vp of… Read more »

BC Startup Sales Podcast – Driving High-Quality Leads Through Webinars with Raphael Carty (Callida Energy / Dealertrack)

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In our latest installment of the Bowery Capital Startup Sales podcast, Raphael Carty joined us to talk about a topic that’s likely near and dear to the hearts of many salespeople, but doesn’t often get much coverage: webinars. Raphael is currently the founder and CEO of Callida Energy, a software solution that powers building optimization—from… Read more »

#BCsummit: How Namely made a name for itself

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namely logo

If you’re based in New York like us, you probably first heard of Namely from hailing a cab, taking the subway or simply walking by a bus stop kiosk. Namely – the HR & payroll technology – kicked off the trend of digitally savvy startups reverting back to traditional advertising methods, such as 2-D public… Read more »

#BCsummit: 5 Top Sales Trends for 2015

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“I get 150 emails a day from someone I don’t know trying to sell me something,” is a shared sentiment that Ceros’ VP of Marketing Matt Wellschlager posed to kick start our 2nd annual CMO Summit. As our power line-up of brand builders, AmEx’s Andrea Zaretsky, Siegel + Gale’s Margaret Molloy, and Jibe’s John Fernandez shared… Read more »