Finding Zen As An Engineer

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In the last presentation at today’s CTO Summit, Gagan Saksena, CTO of Martini Media, spoke about stress and technology. He described the causes of stress and named 4 things you can do to lead a happier and less stressful life.  Take time to detach yourself from your work. There is an optimal amount of detachment… Read more »

Managing Hyper-Growth: A Good Problem to Have

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This morning,  Adam Sah, Founder & CEO of Buyer’s Best Friend, Sean Knapp, EVP & Chief Product Officer of Ooyala, and Wayne Chan, VP of Engineering at Vungle joined Mike on stage for a Fireside Chat titled “Managing Growth: Infrastructure & People”. There were a number of great takeaways for any heads of engineering trying… Read more »

Top 5 CTO Tips: Hiring & Retaining Engineers & PMs

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I’m here at the Bowery Capital CTO Summit 2014, which we’re hosting at Bloomberg SF. We’ve got a great crowd assembled and a laundry list of tech & product leads from companies like Google, Twitter, Sailthru, Flurry & Ooyala to take us through a day of tactical chats and panels. We just kicked off with… Read more »

Cyber Monday is a Mobile Story

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eCommerce reached new heights this year as Cyber Monday sales continued to overshadow physical retail sales in almost every consumer category. comScore estimated that Cyber Monday spending from desktop computers alone was $1.735b, which is up 18% from last year and represents the highest online spending day in history. The holiday season is undoubtedly an… Read more »

Business Intelligence Analytics Opens Up a World of Big Data

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Business Intelligence (BI) is not a new concept to the enterprise world, it has long held a core position in the integration and operation of businesses of reasonable complexity. Advances in BI technology over the past two decades have enabled two significant trends in the enterprise environment: systems integration and information management. Systems integration includes… Read more »

Forget WikiLeaks: Enterprise Security Protects Your Personal Data

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2013 has been a landmark year for enterprise security. Most recently, FireEye joined the ranks of public companies, while cloud security leaders Qualys & Proofpoint, among others, continued a steady climb in stock price. Unfortunately, this year was also a notable reminder of why we need to continue seeking innovation and adoption of new security… Read more »

Premise Data Corporation

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As many readers of this blog know we have done a fair amount of research into the financial services sector. From an IT standpoint, we think that this represents one of the largest opportunities today given the legacy IT base as well as a serious willingness on behalf of pretty much the entire category to… Read more »