How To Build A Customer Profile Template

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Customer Profile Template

Building an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is a valuable exercise for any early-stage startup. As a startup founder, you should kick off the exercise by developing a Customer Profile template that suits your needs. Once you build out your Customer Profile template with data from existing customers, you can use it to find new prospects. The process will not… Read more »

BC Startup Sales Podcast – Driving High-Quality Leads Through Webinars with Raphael Carty (Callida Energy / Dealertrack)

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In our latest installment of the Bowery Capital Startup Sales podcast, Raphael Carty joined us to talk about a topic that’s likely near and dear to the hearts of many salespeople, but doesn’t often get much coverage: webinars. Raphael is currently the founder and CEO of Callida Energy, a software solution that powers building optimization—from… Read more »

Big Data Wildcatting

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From its debut in the late 1980’s, the term “Big Data”—like its lexical cousins Big Oil, Big Tobacco and Big Pharma—was engineered to intimidate. Steve Lohr of the New York Times wrote  a wonderful account  of its origin as a phrase just last year. One originator was author  Erik Larson —of Devil in the White… Read more »

Getting Close With Your Customers

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Last month, our very own Keegan Forte wrote a post on the evolution of social media marketing from its initial days of manual content creation to the game changing technology solutions that are enabling CMOs to automate and interact via social media like never before. As content generation and management have evolved, so have the… Read more »

BC Startup Sales Podcast – Humanizing Data: Full Transcript.

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Cezary Pietrzak

This is a transcript of the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast – BC Startup Sales Podcast – Humanizing Data with Cezary Pietrzak (Cezary & Co) Episode 5 of the Bowery Capital Startup Sales Podcast. MB:                Hey there! Welcome back to studio. We are here with Cezary Peitrzak, a good… Read more »