4 Reasons Enterprise Analytics Will Define 2015

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Enterprise M&A

In 2015, Enterprise Analytics will not only attract more corporate spend, but also serve as a major driver of high-growth technology M&A going forward. Enterprise Analytics solutions are finally proving out their long-touted promise of eliminating waste and improving business performance in large organizations by crunching data and delivering actionable to-do’s in a way (or at a speed)… Read more »

Where Are Today’s CXOs In The Tech Cycle?

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Next Gen Enterprise Swapping Cycle

Enormous changes are afoot in the C-suite at companies at every level of scale and growth. We built Bowery Capital on the thesis that roughly $357 billion would change hands over the next ten years through the swapping out of old technology for new. This perspective comes from years of seeing Internet natives becoming IT decision-makers, a… Read more »

What is DeepMind & Why Did Google Just Buy it For $400m?

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Re/code broke the story yesterday that Google is acquiring “secretive artificial intelligence company” DeepMind for an estimated $400m. As reported in the article, the company revealed little else aside from that it is “building learning algorithms for simulations, eCommerce and games.” Clearly, given that the verticals here seem more like suggested applications than an M.O., DeepMind’s… Read more »

Predictive Computing is the Future of Mobile

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Predictive Computing

Yahoo’s acquisition of Aviate should come as no surprise for anyone who is familiar with the mobile space. In order for Yahoo to compete with companies like Google for advertising money, Yahoo has to invest and solve their problems with mobile marketing. As we previously mentioned, the difficulty in tracking performance and the smaller screen… Read more »

When Things Start To Think

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In what was probably the last deal of the year in enterprise software land, on Dec 30th PTC bought ThingWorx for roughly $122m.  For those informed about the B2B side of the Internet of Things (IoT) space, the 5 year old company had been a pretty strong emerging player in the category that every analyst… Read more »

Thoughts on the Mandiant Acquisition

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Most folks saw the news on Friday about FireEye’s acquisition of Mandiant for $1b+ in cash and stock. This is a huge deal in the security space and one that has gotten a lot of attention given the combination of two prolific industry folks, Kevin Mandia and David DeWalt, as well as the fact that it is… Read more »

2014: Year of Enterprise Tech IPOs

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The troubled Facebook IPO in May of 2012 had a chilling effect on investors’ appetites for tech offerings. This led to a buildup of highly scaled, relatively mature businesses, which have largely elected to remain private thus far. However, the next twelve months are poised to be a boom time for tech IPOs, with the… Read more »

Lessons From Criteo’s (CRTO) IPO

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Criteo’s IPO yesterday was another notch in the adtech belt, following up the IPOs of Rocket Fuel, Tremor, YuMe, and many others. We continue to see value to the CMO suite and have backed a fair amount of companies in the space including Vungle, Open X, Solve Media and appssavvy – we continue to see… Read more »

What the Rocket Fuel IPO Means for Adtech

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Rocket Fuel logo

Last month, Rocket Fuel (FUEL), a provider of artificial-intelligence software for optimizing digital advertising, raised $116m in its IPO, kicking off what we believe will be a big boom for the adtech market. While other adtech companies have successfully entered the public markets in the past, Rocket Fuel’s IPO comes on the heels of a… Read more »

ExactTarget & The Future Of The Platform

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As always with high-profile liquidity events, there has been a lot of discussion around Salesforce’s $2.5B acquisition of ExactTarget (ET) this week. The deal comes on the heels of several other notable $100M+ acquisitions over the last few months: Cisco / JouleX for $107M, Yahoo! / Tumblr for $1.1B, Trulia / MarketLeader for $333M, Baidu… Read more »