BC Startup Sales Podcast – Data-Driven Event Management with Lawrence Coburn (DoubleDutch)

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DoubleDutch - Making Event Marketing A Measurable Channel

Lawrence Coburn, CEO of DoubleDutch, joined us in the Bowery Capital studio this week to discuss “Data-Driven Event Management: The MQL Motherlode.” DoubleDutch is a SaaS platform for live engagement marketing, empowering users to manage events of all types and collect / analyze critical data from them that teams can use to drive marketing and sales. In today’s… Read more »

BC Startup Sales Podcast – The Demand Waterfall with Ryan Mettee (SiriusDecisions)

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improving lead management

SiriusDecisions introduced The Demand Waterfall® concept in 2006 to create a shared view between marketing and sales to ultimately reveal the health of an organization’s new-business-related activities. We love this concept and recommend it to pretty much any portfolio company that cares about marketing and sales alignment. As demand generation efforts are becoming more and… Read more »

Don’t Always Be Closing: BDRs & Sales Role Specialization

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  BDRs, or Business Development Reps, are critical members of most modern B2B sales teams. Specific titles, processes and funnels vary by company, but in general it’s the BDR’s job to work with leads to get meetings. They start with the very top of the funnel: Marketing Captured / Qualified Leads (MCL / MQLs), those who come into… Read more »

The Future of Events Marketing

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dreamforce image

“Every Tech Company Wants A Dreamforce.” This is the gist of many conversations with gurus at Salesforce, AWS, Rackspace, etc. who are guiding the future of events marketing. Like Benioff before them, forward-looking tech CMOs see the benefit of event production: it’s brand, customer service, and–probably most importantly–leads. But Dreamforce and the like are insanely… Read more »